Long needles of iron puncturing the charred space, thrust from the tangible darkness of the walls. This untitled installation represents the most recent work of 40 year old artist Dimitris Tragas from Sparta, and his second individual exhibition at the Medusa +1 Gallery Upon entering the house-turned gallery in the steps of Kolonaki with the modest entrance deco¬rated with gallery information, coffee machine, and white walls , you are unprepared to encounter the black intensity that has enveloped the entire back room and two extending hallways.

The centrepiece of the installation is a round, elongated mass of soft entrails which have been enclosed in wide strips and sand paper. Suspended in air, it floats freely resembling a traumatized war veteran that is destined to wander aimlessly in solitude, carrying only his caustic wounds. Our focus is centred, however, not on the large mass, but on the iron poles which surround it. Full of movement, the varying lengths of iron bring us into the mass and back out again straight into their murky origin. With this skilful interplay of space and matter, Tragas has given a rhythm to the heavily textured surfaces of the space. Most impressive is not the details, or the distinct materials used, but the tremendous energy which emanates from this fantastic creation.

A sense of confusion and intrigue fills us as we try to comprehend this experience. The artist has deliber¬ately omitted any explanation of his work in order to provoke our fantasy. Perhaps such deep feelings and beliefs can only be expressed through the hands and eyes of an artist, and can be understood only by unleashing our restrained imagination.

To activate this process, Tragas has provided us with a few esoterical directions. Ά painterly action inspired and realized form the energy that is released the moment of the crash with the Void. The moment in which the feeling of complete understanding replaces the fear of death.

Susana Mamis   (in the Athenscope Dec 1993)


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